Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Good pic from last week...

Here is a good oconomiyaki pic!

Our uniform

Yes, we are team! We have T-shirt and bandana. The colorful sunglasses are just improvisation : ) 
Kazuko pointed out that if we wear full-size apron, it will cover the entire front of T-shirt.....Now, We are going to make aprons with logo!

Join us at LIC Flea and Food

We operate the food stand at LIC Flea and Food every Saturday from 9am to 6pm (Yes, rain or shine!) Please come and experience our Oconomiyaki!!

Here is the link to the flea market.

See you guys soon!

The new sauce board is set!

One of our feature is variety of sauces. We want people to enjoy our oconomiyaki with different sauces. The original sauce board was small and difficult to read. So, we created permanent sauce board.  (Thank you Dorothy for your great work!!)

Finally! Oconomi's website will be available soon!

Hello! It took us for a while to prepare the website for Oconomi. We were working on our standard sauce line-up and all store-front (tent-front?) decorations. All of these preparations are done. In a few week, the website will be ready. We will inform you when it is published.